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Rick Crosby

Master Stylist

Short Hair & Pixie Cut  Specialist



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A Bit About Me

40 years experience

A short style is considered a style that is chin length or shorter...
That is what I specialize in.

Bob haircuts are below the chin and above the shoulders...

Safe, Common & Boring... Don't be a Bob.

A person who wears short hair is a generally confident person,

daring to be an individual.

I am here to help you achieve your individualism.

-Your haircut should be specific to your face shape, 

-Every haircut is custom, Every texture cutting technique has to compliment your hair type...


If you have an inspiration photo of a style you want. Bring it! It is highly recommended! I love working from photos. A Photo can tell me things a client cannot describe, Photos not only can show me what you like, They can also show me certain things you do not like.

If you have chosen 10 photos, reduce it to 3 to eliminate confusion.

I cut hair so the client has ease of care, The trick is to understand your hair characteristics and cowlicks and cutting to a length that allows hair to settle into place.

... Do what your hair wants to do, Your hair will be easier to style and will always look better. 

I will show you what styling products will work for your hair type and style, So you can fully understand your home styling needs.
I have worked as an Advance hair cutting educator, Teaching professionals new cutting techniques specific for hair types and face shapes.
* Not all short styles can be foil highlighted

There is such a thing as too short to foil.

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