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Short Hair Specialist


​Short hair styles!

A person who wears short hair is a generally confident person, Daring to be an individual,

I am here to help you achieve your individualism.

-Your haircut should be specific to your face shape, Add custom foil highlights to enhance depth and compliment your style.

-Every haircut is custom, Every texture cutting technique has to compliment your hair type...


If you have a picture of a style you want. Bring it! I love working from photos. A Photo can tell me things a client cannot describe, Photos not only can show me what you like, They can also show me certain things you do not like.

I cut hair so the client has ease of care, The trick is to understand your hairs characteristics and cutting to a length that allows hair to "Settes into place"

... Do what your hair wants to do, Your hair will be easier to style and will always look better. 

I will show you what styling products will work for your hair type and style, So you can fully understand your home styling needs.
I have worked as an Advance hair cutting educator, Teaching professionals new cutting techniques specific for hair types and face shapes.
 Hair cutting specialist: 32 years experience​

Services & Rates
  • Haircut & Style
  • Men's Haircuts
  • Kid's Haircuts
Hair Color & Highlights
$60 - $90
$40 - $50
  • Single Color Highlights
  • Root Retouch
  • Root Retouch with Refresher
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